Theme rooms

Our wish is to give you a nice stay and transfer some of our atmospheric surroundings and emotional spectrum to you. We have therefore decorated several rooms with different themes.

Latter – Laughter

We believe that a good laugh prolongs your life and therefore has a room with happy colors, pictures, books and texts. We are becoming Ecouragement Certified and our employees are happy people who are happy to offer themselves. Therefore, it was natural for us to have our own room dedicated to laughter.


“Márkomeannu” will give you a small taste, and perhaps tempt you to visit one of our local happenings.

Márkomeannu – a face to the world. Márkomeannu is a Sami festival that is held in the market village of Ofoten and Sør-Troms the last weekend in July every year.

Márkomeannu – muohtu máilbmái. Márkomeannu lea sámi festivála mii lágiduvvo márkogiliin Ufuohtas ja Oarje-Romssas suoidnemánu loahpas juohke jagi.

Tjeldsundbrua – The Tjeldsund bridge

We have named one of our theme rooms after the great monument right outside our window, the Tjeldsund bridge. Here we honor the courage and hard work of those who worked to make the bridge a reality. In the rooms, we show the bridge’s many qualities such as a sculpture, transport arteries and a landmark.

Syv magiske punkter – Seven magical points

Seven magical points is a wonderful sculpture that belongs in what is perhaps the world’s largest art exhibition: the art collection Skulpturlandskap Nordland. The sculpture is located along the Coastal Heritage Road, just 5 kilometres from Tjeldsundbrua Hotel. It felt natural for us to chose Seven Magical Points as one of our theme rooms.


“Vetten” is what the locals call the top Kvitnesvetten which towers 304 meters above sea level, directly above Tjeldsundbrua Hotel. You can see the top from Tjeldsundbrua Hotel and it is a popular destination for hikers. So, whether you live in the theme room “Vetten” or not, bring your hiking boots and visit Kvitnesvetten.

Den blå time – The blue hour

The blue hour can be experienced both morning and evening when it is neither full daylight nor completely dark, and the sky has a different blue color than during the day. The phenomenon is due to Rayleigh scattering of sunlight. Now you can experience “the blue hour” at our hotel.

Uvær – Storm

Storms has always fascinated people and been an inspiration for artistic expressions in words and pictures. This has inspired us to create the theme room “Storm”.

Autumn is the season with the finest colors. The forest’s play with the leaves gives our landscape a new and beautiful dimension. A beautiful autumn prepares us for a colorless winter. Our theme room “Autumn” is used in all four seasons. So is the “Winter Storm” theme room.