Dream spot for fishing enthusiasts

Are you hooked in fishing and walk around with a dream of catching some big fish?
If the answer is yes, a stay at Tjeldsundbrua should be your choice for a holiday. Here you can stay close to the idyllic Tjeldsundet and, if you want to, stand on the porch and fish all year round. You can get fish such as: cod, saithe, haddock, redfish, wolffish, halibut and flounder.

When the morning is warm and the fjord quiet, everything is set for a good fishing. The excitement, the nature and the social is something you just have to experience. The joy of fishing is contagious. It can be difficult call it a day in the summer night when the fish fever is bubbling in your blood and the midnight sun is shining in its most beautiful splendor.

The autumn and winter storms at Tjeldsundet can be worth experiencing, too. When the storm is at its worst and the waves break over land or when the northern lights swirl in the night sky. Then it is good to sit in a sea house alone or in a festive group. Remember the camera to capture and immortalize the good memories.