Sculpture landscape Nordland is an outdoor collection of sculptures in Nordland and perhaps the world’s largest art gallery. Deb was established in the period 1992–98. The project has been continued in 2009 and 2010 and several sculptures are being planned. The initiator and leader of the project was the Ministry of Culture in Nordland County Municipality. In collaboration with a number of municipalities in the county, international artists built a sculpture in their respective host municipalities. When the project was completed in its first phase, sculptures had been built in 32 municipalities in Nordland and one sculpture in Troms.

In our municipality, Skånland, is the sculpture Seven Magic Points and in our neighboring municipalities, Evenes, Tjeldsund and Lødingen we find the sculptures Steinhuset, Media Thule and Eye in stone. As many as 16 sculptures are within easy reach for beautiful small walks based at Tjeldsundbrua Hotel.